All day comfy dining with organic coffee bar - Est. 1996

The popular Hillsboro Village café opened in 1996 as a coffee-roasting cafe with an emphasis totally on coffee. In 2000, the coffee roasting moved to East Nashville and food slowly became the focus. An all-day menu featuring local produce, cheese, dairy and meats convinced the Nashville Scene to name Fido the Best Place for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Fido blends gritty atmosphere – exposed brick walls, local art, study hall tables – with sneakily refined dining. - Nashville Scene 

Fido carries a curated selection of local beers, interesting wines and (of course) a full coffee bar featuring organic beans from its sister company Bongo Java. In the words of the folks at the Nashville Scene, "The beloved coffee shop in Hillsboro Village has evolved into an unexpectedly sophisticated yet unpretentious restaurant."

Fido is named after the dog who discovered coffee. Most give credit to the Ethiopian goat herder Kaldi for discovering coffee more than 1,000 years ago. Legend has it that his flock started dancing after eating the mysterious cherries that contained the seeds that we now call coffee beans. Our research (admittedly done when we needed a name for a café) led us to discover that Kaldi's dog truly was the overlooked hero.

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