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Coffee from this region typically exhibits chocolatey, nutty and fruity taste notes and generally has a medium body and mild acidity.

  • Bolivia 
  • Colombia Cauca
  • Colombia Fondo Paez
  • Congo Muungano*
  • Dark Guatemala
  • Dark Peru  
  • Guatemala
  • Guatemala Rio Azul* 
  • Honduras  
  • Honeyed Honduras*
  • Mexico 
  • Nicaragua Las Diosas
  • Peru Cenfrocafe   
  • Natural Peru Coyona

* indicates this coffee may not be available year-round


Coffee from this region typically exhibits citrusy, floral and herbal taste notes and generally has a light body and high acidity.

  • Ethiopia Sidama
  • Natural Ethiopia Sidama 
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 


Coffee from this region typically exhibits earthy, spicy and savory taste notes and generally has a heavy body and low acidity.

  • Sumatra 



  • Espresso - Blueberry, Vanilla and Dark Chocolate. Washed and natural process coffees blended for espresso extraction
  • Dark Espresso - Same blend of coffees but a bit bolder, notes of Chocolate and Grapefruit 


  • Bongo Blend - (Medium Roast) Notes of Honey, Orange, Milk Chocolate and Spices  
  • Breakfast Blend - (Medium Roast) Notes of Blueberry and Dark Chocolate 
  • Cold Brew - (Medium Roast) Delicious hot or cold, notes of brown sugar, hazelnut & chocolate 
  • Hair of the Dog - (Light Roast) Notes of Blueberry, Toasted Oats and Brown Sugar 
  • Kaldi’s Dog - (Medium-Dark Roast) Fruity, Nutty and Sugar Sweet  
  • Mystic Brew - (Medium-Dark Roast) Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla
  • Made in the Shade - (Dark Roast) Smokey, Dark and Nutty  


  • Leipers Fork  - (Medium Roast) Notes of Brown Sugar, Cocoa and Baked Pear (no alcohol, but plenty of that smoky bourbon goodness)
  • Uncle Nearest - (Medium Roast) Notes of crème brulée, toasted oat, and baked apple with a bold whiskey finish


  • Decaf Light (Light Roast)  
  • Decaf Dark (Dark Roast) 
  • Decaf Espresso (Light Roast)