Partner With Bongo for Free Barista Training and More!

Bongo Java + Your Business or Cause

If you want to work with a company that

  • Knows just about all there is to know about coffee
  • Has been actively involved in their community since opening in 1993
  • Has a commitment to developing long-term relationships with it's farmer partners and wholesale customers
  • Feels a little uncomfortable (but not TOO uncomfortable) telling you how wonderful we are

... Then give us a call! We're all that and so much more than we can explain on a website our consultants tell us is already too wordy.

We provide our 100% Organic + Fair Trade coffee to cafes, restaurants, offices and (of course) homes

Cafes & Restaurants

We provide FREE coffee brewing and barista training to our Wholesale Partners.  With more than 25 years of running cafes, we can also help with basic business questions, bar layout and other needs. We have a certified tech on staff who can fix and maintain your expensive brewing and espresso equipment. Send us an email

We’ve helped offices of various sizes to provide affordable and easy-to-maintain coffee services.  Using Bongo 100% organic coffee can even save money as employees won’t spend work time visiting our stores or use multiple pre-packaged and stale coffee packs in an attempt to get enough flavor -  or by throwing away a disappointing brew.  Send us an email

Trade Shows, Corporate & Special Occasion Gifts

Nothing says "Thanks" or "You're the Best" quite like a personalized package of organic coffee!  We can create a custom label with your logo or party event on it.  Send us an email


We have an easy online platform for schools, community groups, and non-profit organizations to raise money by selling our coffee!  Send us an email