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12 oz.

Taste: An heirloom arabica grown in rich volcanic soil with a pleasant, short-lived tartness surrounded by a rich, creamy sweetness.

Altitude Grown: 5,900 to 6,500 feet

Location: Gisenyi, Province de L’Ouest Rwanda

Farming Cooperative: KODUKAK

Details: This prized strain of heirloom arabica is grown in rich, volcanic soil on the mountainous shores of Lake Kivu, located in Central Africa. KODUKAK offers coffee grown by collection of small family owned farms in the Kigeyo region of Northern Rwanda. These growers decided to work together to improve their coffee and in the process help Rwandans recover from the devastating effects of the country’s genocide in 1994. KODUKAK officially became a registered cooperative in 2015, and a year later Bongo Java began buying its certified organic, Fair Trade coffee. The cooperative has 990 farmers: 651 male and 339 female. Its farmers specialize in fully washed Bourbon heirloom coffee.



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