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Kalita Wave 185 Ceramic Brewer

Kalita is a family owned Japanese business that creates these amazing little brewers. Distinct features to this brewer are the flat bottom and three drip holes. These allow for an incredibly consistent and even extraction which highlight the unique flavors of your coffee.

If you are worried about the ceramic being a heat sink. don’t. The specially designed filters form an insulation of air and studies have shown no more heat loss from this material than any other Kalita brewer. We like these because they look awesome and the feel good in the hand. Not to mention they allow you to brew the best cup of coffee you have ever had in your life! [One ceramic brewer in stock – 5/24/18]


*Orders that include brew equipment do not qualify for free shipping. Hint: If your order includes over $50 of coffee, complete that transaction and order brewing equipment as a separate order.



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