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New single farm lot from Bongo Roasting Co.

Honeyed Peru

12 oz.

We have a limited supply of this premium microlot from Peru, so get it while it lasts! It’s sweet, fruity with a full body and tasting notes of milk chocolate, caramel, plum and honey – an incredibly delicious organic specialty coffee.

The “honeyed process” sits between washed and unwashed coffee processing methods. 90% of coffees are washed, which means their beans or seeds are pulped from the coffee cherry, washed clean and then dried in the sun. Unwashed coffees are dried while still inside the cherry. “Honeyed” means the beans are pulped and washed, but then fruit from the cherry is layered on top of the beans as they dry outside.

Produced by a member of the CENFROCAFE coffee farming cooperative.


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