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Colombia Fondo Paez

16 oz. Bag

Roast Level: Light
Tasting Notes: Brown sugar, honey, lemon
Body: Smooth, silky full body, crisp acidity
Location: Cauca, Colombia
Altitude Grown: 5,249 to 6,889 feet
Farming Cooperative: Fondo Paez


Details: This coffee is surely one of our favorites for its depth, complexity and consistent high level of quality. Located in a remote mountainous region of Southwestern Colombia, the Fondo Paez Cooperative is home to the largest indigenous group of people in the country. Cooperative Coffees — an organic, Fair Trade organization that Bongo is a founding member of — began importing from Fondo Paez in 2004.

Since then we’ve purchased more than 2 million pounds of their coffee and have followed the development of their cooperative closely with site visits and regular communication, as well as offering roaster and staff support. We are inspired to see the extent to which Fondo Paez has created a sustainable vision for their indigenous communities, but the work is especially impressive given the context of Colombian politics and the challenge of economic globalization.


Check out this video about the quality coffee produced by Fondo Paez growers. It was made by Cafe Campesino, one of our partner roasters in Cooperative Coffees.


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