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Cold Brew

Crafted for Cold Brew extraction, this blend is equally delicious brewed hot or cold. Notes of brown sugar, hazelnut, and milk chocolate. Have you purchased a cold brew system like the Toddy?

It is not essential. All you need is a brewer’s bag and a 5 gallon bucket.
Coarse grind your 12 oz of Bongo Cold Brew blend coffee. Put it in the brewer’s bag, inside the bucket, and slowly saturate the coffee grounds with 7 cups of filtered water. Let the coffee brew at room temperature for 16 to 24 hours.
After that allotted amount of time, check your bucket and gently squeeze all remaining liquid from the bag of saturated grounds. The coffee in the bucket is cold brew concentrate. You can run that concentrate through a filter, if that is your preference, but you don’t have to.
Mix your glass of cold brew 1:1, equal parts water and concentrate. Add ice (vanilla and cream if you want) and you’re all set to fly.



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