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Clever Dripper Brewer

Water can be poured over the grounds all at one time (this is an immersion brew method similar to a French Press)

Shut-off valve holds the coffee until the brewing process is complete Filter allows for easy cleanup and prevents grounds from getting into your coffee

Made with 100% BPA-Free Plastic

With BPA free plastic you can enjoy the advantages of this brewing device because its composition actually helps contain more heat in the brewing process than would a ceramic or metal brewing device, which produces a better cup of coffee.

Brew Instructions

Set the paper filter and rinse with hot water.
1. Fill: Add the coarsely ground coffee. Fill with slightly cooled boiling water over the coffee.
2. Brew: Close lid and let steep.
3. Filtering: Place clever coffee dripper on top of the cup to separate the finished coffee from the grounds. The best part of the coffee steeping on the bottom now flows down to your mug.
4. Lift: Lift the clever coffee dripper off the cup and the flow stops instantly.

*Orders that include brew equipment do not qualify for free shipping. Hint: If your order includes over $50 of coffee, complete that transaction and order brewing equipment as a separate order.


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