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Organic Fair Trade coffee from Bongo Roasting Co.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

12 oz. bag

Great whiskey and great coffee have a lot in common. Both require the best ingredients, expert craftmanship and time. Bongo Java and Leiper’s Fork Distillery have combined these two products into one truly incredible experience.

Aging Bongo coffee in Leiper’s Fork charred white oak whiskey barrels produces an incredibly smooth, slightly-sweet coffee with a complex whiskey finish that has all of the caffeine and none of the whiskey buzz.

Leipers’ Fork Distillery

A small-batch whiskey distillery nestled in the hills of Tennessee. They handcraft premium whiskies using local grains, limestone filtered water, and time-honored techniques. It is their aim at Leiper’s Fork to pour heart and soul into every drop they make … from grain to glass.

BOngo Java Roasting Co.

We began as a single cafe in Nashville, TN in 1993 and now boast several cafes and a connection with a saint. We expand the definition of quality by caring about how  the coffee we buy was produced, purchased and promoted. We only buy organic coffee from small-scale farmers at above Fair Trade prices. Thus our coffee tastes great and supports people and the environment.


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