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Aeropress brewers are now for sale through Bongo Java Roasting Co.

AeroPress Brewer

The AeroPress Coffee Maker is a complete home brewing system that’s ideal for personal use or camping trips, and a great way to conserve your coffee supply. Once you’ve got hot water and ground coffee, it takes only about 10 seconds to brew a cup.

* This brewing kit includes 350 filters and a zippered nylon tote bag.

** The hard plastic used in the brewing system is BPA Free (Non-toxic plastic, No Bisphenol-A, No phthalates.)

To brew a double espresso or 10-ounce cup of coffee:

Place a microfilter in the bottom cap of the AeroPress chamber and twist the cap tightly closed.
Place two scoops of ground coffee from the included AeroPress scoop into the chamber.
Stand the chamber on a sturdy mug, then proceed to pour hot water into the top of the chamber (175 degrees F is optimal).
Stir the water and coffee with the included paddle for about 10 seconds.
Insert the plunger into the chamber and gently press down about a quarter of an inch and continue to maintain that pressure for 20 to 30 seconds (gentle pressure is the key to easy AeroPressing).

*Orders that include brew equipment do not qualify for free shipping. Hint: If your order includes over $50 of coffee, complete that transaction and order brewing equipment as a separate order.

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