We donate tens of thousands of dollars of coffee, merchandise and gift cards to local non-profits for silent auctions, volunteer gifts and other fundraising efforts.  We can easily provide brewed coffee for reasonably-sized events.  We don’t typically give out cash.

Our favorite organizations are those supported by our employees and customers.  And we focus on education, environment and arts groups.

We do not donate to faith-based organizations. We also do not honor requests for on-going donation programs or for personal sponsorships like marathons.

Email your donation request to as far in advance as possible.  We try to honor our pledge to not respond to last minute requests.  And please be patient.  We get a lot of requests.

All requests most include name of requester, name of organization, date of event, use of product – all preferably in limerick form (sonata works almost as well).

Fundraising.  We also have a darn easy to use e-platform that anyone can use to sell Bongo Java coffee to raise money for their favorite non-profit. See the fundraising option here or email us at for more info.