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TASTE: Notes of blueberry, blackberry and honey, with well-balanced acidity.

COFFEE COOPERATIVE: Ethiopia is where coffee was discovered more than one thousand years ago. The Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union was founded in 2001 and represents more than 78,000 small coffee farms, which on average are no larger than 1 acre.

DETAILS: Ethiopia Sidama coffee is grown at high altitudes, which means less oxygen is present and that slows how coffee cherries develop allowing them to produce more flavor. In 2019, Bongo purchased more than 6,000 pounds of certified organic and Fair Trade coffee from this cooperative.

To order, call (615) 777-BJRC or send us an email at or come visit us at our new location, 372 Herron Drive, Nashville, TN 37210





Single Origins


Bolivia (1) Available
Colombia Cauca (1) Available
Colombia Fondo Paez (1) Available
Congo SOPACDI (1) Available
Dark Roast Guatemala Chajulense  (3) Available
Dark Roast Peru Cajamarca (3) Available
Ecuador Zamora-Chinchipe (1) Available
Ethiopia Sidama (1) Available
Ethiopia Unwashed Sidama (1) Available
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Unwashed (1) Unavailable
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (1) Available
Ethiopia Idido (1) Unavailable
Guatemala Chajulense (1) Available
Guatemala Rio Azul (1) Unavailable
Honduras Marcala (1) Available
Honeyed Honduras (1) Unavailable
Italian U.W Peru (1) Available
Indonesia Sumatra (1) Available
Laos(1) Unavailable
Mexico Maya Vinic (1) Available
Nicaragua Matagalpa (1) Unavailable
Peru Coyona Unwashed (1) Available
Peru Sol y Cafe  (1) Available
Rwanda (1) Available
Uganda(1) Unavailable


Barefootin’ Blend (2) Available
Bible Belt (1) Available
Bongo Blend (2) Available
Breakfast Blend (1) Available
Cafe Del Sol (1)

Cold Brew Blend



Espresso (1) Available
French Roast (5) Available
Hair of the Dog (2) Available
Harvest Moon(2) Available
Iced Coffee (2) Available
Jolly Java (2) Available
Kaldi’s Dog (3) Available
Made in Shade (5) Available
Music City blend (5) Available
Mystic Brew (4) Available
Orgasmic Organic (2) Available


Decaf Light (1) Available
Decaf Dark (1) Available
***The ingredients of our blends will change according to the availability of our single origins, however we work to ensure that the basic flavor profiles change very little.***
A note on coffee availability and seasonality:
Coffee is a produce item with harvest times that circle the globe as the seasons change. Coffee can be stored in the green state for a limited amount of time before it’s positive cup qualities begin to fade. BJRC is committed to sourcing and stocking the freshest fair trade organic coffee as possible. 
In most cases, all “out of season” instances are intentional on our part, as we have moved to a seasonal approach to reserving and stocking our green coffees. In some cases, the logistics of moving coffee half way around the world will cause us to be temporarily out of a certain coffee, but these instances are very rare. 
We will make every effort to stock as many varieties as possible. Please know that when we are cycling into a new harvest and dropping older coffee off our availability chart, it is for the simple reason of maintaining the highest quality as possible. Thank you, and please let us know if you have any questions.
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