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Bongo Java is a locally-owned company and we take pride in supporting our community.

The Bongo Advised Fund contributes to education programs and initiatives in the Nashville area and in coffee-growing communities.

The Bongo Employee Assistance Fund gives short-term financial help to any of our employees who face unforeseen and unpreventable emergencies.


Annual & One-Time Coffee Sales Program
BJRC can create a custom coffee blend, help you with your own unique packaging, and help create a sales campaign to raise revenue for your organization. Past fundraising clients include Abintra Montessori, The Elephant Sanctuary, Glendale Elementary PTO, Lockeland Design PTO and The Nashville Children’s Theater. Contact us for more information.


What We Give
Each year we donate tens of thousands of dollars of coffee, merchandise and gift cards to local nonprofits for silent auctions and fundraising efforts. We also provide brewed coffee for smallish events.  We don’t typically give cash.

Who We Consider
Our favorite organizations are those that support the environment, education, children and the arts. We look more favorably and generously to requests made by regular customers and employees.

What We Won’t Consider
We do not donate to faith-based organizations. We also do not honor requests for ongoing donation programs or for personal sponsorships like marathons and walkathons.

Email your donation request
Requests will be reviewed as quickly as possible. Please be patient: we get a lot of them!

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