Sumatra - Jon's Favorite Single Origin

Sumatra is one of my favorite coffees because it provides a full-mouth feel and long-lasting flavor. Taking a sip of fresh-roasted Sumatra, I know I will get a satisfying syrup-like weight in my mouth. Once I take a sip and swallow, I can taste a peppery zest that seems to go on forever. It is a coffee that is both predictably delicious and yet shockingly new with every sip. - Jon, delivery driver for Bongo

This coop was formed in 2006 when 50 farmers from five villages came together to rebuild coffee farms that were abandoned due to years of civil war that plagued the region.  Today, 2,100 members from 39 villages have built an organization that has improved quality and yields as well as traceability.  These improvements plus taking over all parts of coffee production allows members to get a higher price for their incredibly complex coffee.  It’s sweet earthy, green pepper and red fruit notes along with its syrup body and lingering finish make it great as a stand-alone coffee.  And its complexity is a key part of many of our blends.

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