Honduras Marcala

The coffee-growing cooperative Café Organico Marcala was founded in 2001 by 69 small-scale farmers looking to improve their poor economic situation. By banding together the group is able to control production by gathering enough coffee to export and in turn avoid selling cheaply to so-called coyotes (local buyers who jump in to buy crop when farmers are desperate). 


The group now boasts 1,200 members dedicated to the 5 Ms of organic agriculture:  the use of Organic Matter, Micro-Organisms, Minerals, fermented Live Molecules and Grey Matter (brainpower). COMSA also developed a strong educational program for their youth and women’s groups.


Taste notes of blackberry, apricot, honey and sweet cream.


Light Roast  |  Central America  |  Elevation: 3973 - 5741ft




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