Bob's Blend - Special Edition

Don't tell the Bongo founder that we created a blend for his birthday, named it after him and decided to give away some of the proceeds to one of his favorite charities. Over 29 years of business, he's only named one other thing after himself and that was a short-lived joke when the cafe first opened in 1993.

If he were to right this, he'd say we are darn proud of this blend of African and Central American coffees that is lightly roasted because that may be his favorite over-used word. 


He would certainly not say it has nuanced taste notes of shortbread, marshmallow and chocolate, because he's just not comfortable with that word "nuance." But, we created this coffee so we get to describe it.


20% of ALL Purchases of Bob's Blend goes to Friend's of Radnor Lake, a non-profit organization with the mission to protect, preserve, and promote the natural integrity of Radnor Lake State Park in Nashville, TN. 

To learn a bit more about Bob and the birth of Bongo Java, visit here


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