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Mexico Maya Vinic

16 oz. Bag

Tasting Notes: Red Grape, milk chocolate, watermelon
Cooperative: Maya Vinic
Region: Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico
Elevation: 2,900-4,600 feet
Varietals: Typica, caturra and mundo novo
Soil: Shade grown, organic compost
Processing: Fermented, washed, sun dried
Coffee Trees: 700,000
Co-Op Members: 500 families

“Life in every sip” is a favorite saying of the members of Maya Vinic. Bongo Java first purchased coffee from this cooperative 15 years ago, and our relationship has only strengthened because we’re are a dependable buyer of their organic specialty coffee at higher than Fair Trade prices. The Maya Vinic cooperative was born out of a horrific attack, the Acteal Massacre, in 1997. In an effort to recover, coffee farmers vowed to join forces and do things differently. The cooperative has since grown into a thriving, environmentally sustainable operation that relies on a democratic governance structure and shares profits among its members. Maya Vinic opened its own cafe in 2011 and has expanded its production to include organic honey.

**Watch a video of Maya Vinic members picking coffee cherries and working with bees


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